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"We Need To Protect The Kids! Vaping Is Even More Dangerous Than Cigarettes! There Are Toxic Chemicals In Vaping That Will Poison People! E-cigs Are Marketed To Youth As A Gateway To Get Them Smoking! Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Need To Be Regulated The Same As Smoking, Or Better Still, Completely Banned!"

Okay, now that we've started with the most common misconceptions about E-liquid Vaping Devices [EVDs], it's time to try organizing a site where all sides of the vaping debate can hopefully get info about some actual facts -- both good and bad. 

While a lot of material will cover our own local areas in Canada, the misinformation andfights for vapers' rights is pretty much an International challenge. What affects one country or territory negatively can often spread to infect other areas around the globe as precedents are set -- so we'll be including as much as we can for all vaping territories.

One of the main reasons for setting up this site was in order to keep track of so many articles, studies [both legit and fake reports used for legislative arguments], issue tracking, advocacy issues, etc. While trying to post links and various reports in reply on social media systems, it became cumbersome trying to sort through over 3,500 bookmarked pages when searching back through references.

So Vape Distortion was formed, and can hopefully start sorting through all the topics and issues in a way that can become a useful resource tool for others trying to disseminate more accurate information. We may not get everything right, but hopefully there should be enough information for each individual to make their own informed decision whether to be pro-vaping, anti-vaping, or even to just remain neutral-vaping. 

Live Test Run

We took a Live Test Run to work out some bugs and kinks out of the YouTube Live Streaming... Expect a lot of derping caught in this first live broadcast.

ANTZ Minded Individuals

An ANTZ minded individual is quick to argue their point using promoted misinformation and talking points, as well as misleading media reports

Vape Rallies & Protest Events

Coverage for various protests and rally events, and our commentary towards what went well or what may have actually done more damage than good.

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